About Burnsville

A Minnesota city blossoming with opportunity.

Burnsville was founded in May 1858, one of the first townships in Dakota County. The township was incorporated as the Village of Burnsville in 1964 and, finally, as the City of Burnsville in 1974, as we know it today. Known for attractions such as Buck Hill for skiing and snowboarding and the Ames Performing Arts Center, Burnsville is a second-ring suburb in proximity to several other growing communities with a population that enjoys amenities that are close to home. Burnsville Center has been a key destination for the Twin Cities south metro ever since it opened its doors in 1977.
About Burnsville

Just wait 'til you meet the neighbors

between 25 - 54 yrs
parks and miles of bike / ski trails
minute drive from MSP or St. Paul
average annual income
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